Beauty Tips for firm skin

beauty tips
beauty tips

The loss of firmness of the skin is a phenomenon often encountered as time goes by. In other cases, the decrease in hyaluronic acid can also be the cause.

But whatever the reasons, skin that loses all its firmness loses its elasticity as well as its radiance. Which is very unpleasant to keep or highlight its beauty.

However, this situation is not inevitable, various means exist to firm up your epidermis.

To do this, this article will provide you with some valuable advice to regain completely reinvigorated skin. ( Health and fitness )

Cleanse the skin – Beauty Tips

The skin is the part most exposed to external aggressions. It must therefore be cleaned regularly to let it breathe and be able to apply natural care. In addition to cleansing, exfoliating once a week or even a month is also good for getting rid of dead cells.

The objective: free the skin of dead cells, promote cell regeneration and optimize the application of creams or oils.

For example, you can exfoliate with black soap, which is known for its purifying and exfoliating properties.

To do this, a lukewarm shower is recommended to dilate the pores of the skin. Then apply a thin layer of black soap on all areas of your body and wait about ten minutes.

Once the time has elapsed, take a Kessa glove (or a classic bath glove) to make small circular movements, rubbing lightly on the face and a little more vigorously on the other parts of the body.

This will remove any roughness and dead skin visible on your skin tissues. Finally, all you have to do is rinse off with lukewarm water.

Perform a massage of the epidermis

From time to time, the skin needs a massage so that the blood can circulate normally and make the epidermis in top shape.

To do this, use your thumb and index finger, pinching your skin and rotating it slightly (like turning a key). You should feel a pleasant sensation in the area in question.

Start with the cheeks near the nose, then work your way back to the jaw muscles. Then go back down to the chin.

You can perform these movements on the forehead and temples as well.

This type of massage promotes blood circulation, tones the epidermis and relieves facial muscles.

This will give you suppleness and firmness in your skin.

Adopt good natural care

The skin also needs to be pampered with preferably natural treatments. This will avoid any harmful effects causing unexpected effects on skin tissues.

In this case, the best treatment is a vegetable oil such as those listed below:

Evening primrose oil: native to North America, the evening primrose plant also called “evening primrose” is an ancestral plant with a yellow color and medicinal properties.

Being rich in essential fatty acids and other natural components, the oil extracted from this plant moisturizes the skin and deeply nourishes it, to be more supple and soft.

It has the power to delay skin slackening to maintain firm and revitalized skin. The fact of fighting against the ageing of the skin being its main property, you can use it without moderation.

To take advantage of it, simply apply a few drops of evening primrose oil to the skin while making circular movements for good penetration of the liquid.

Borage oil: the loss of firmness of the skin is often linked to skin ageing, the oil collected from the seeds of this flower is an ideal way to regain toned skin.

Full of essential fatty acids such as gamma linoleic acid, this liquid has multiple moisturizing and softening properties. It is powerful enough to firm the skin and as a bonus, reduce wrinkles and slow down the phenomenon of cell ageing.
Particularly recommended for skin lacking elasticity and firmness.


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