How to Detangle Curly Hair

How to Detangle Curly Hair
How to Detangle Curly Hair

If you’re blessed with naturally curly hair, you’re aware that detangling your hair can be a time-consuming process and may even cause damage if done incorrectly or using the incorrect tools. However, there’s a proper method to detangle curly hair, and it’s a matter of knowing the right way. 

However, do you want to try getting your hair tangled if it is wet or dry? Do you prefer either a comb or a brush? 

These are questions that may be on your mind. If so, keep reading for step-by-step directions for detangling curly hair properly without breaking or tearing it or changing the spiral’s shape.

Importance Of Detangling

While detangling isn’t the most exciting aspect of your curly hair treatment routine, it’s certainly something you should include. Here are a few benefits of detangling properly:

  • Growth of hair—If you’re searching for gorgeous, long locks (or would like your hair to expand consistently), detangling is the key. 

This procedure stimulates blood vessels on your scalp, which increases circulation to ensure the hair follicles get the nutrition they require. Happy hair follicles mean greater growth.

  • Detangling regularly can reduce breakage and ensure your curls remain their length. The more knots you’ve got, the more challenging it will be to work over your hair without damaging it. Maintaining a consistent approach to detangling can result in longer, smoother locks.

Dry or Wet Hair for Detangling?

When tackling your curly hair, it is expected to be told that a brush or comb should not be used on dry hair. However, contrary to what we’ve heard, dry detangling can be safe when the correct instrument and method are employed! 

Our curls are most effective when they’re dry. 

Therefore, using the appropriate comb or brush to give them a good shave will help you prepare them before your shampoo. However, detangling your hair with any lubrication may cause the ends to break off when dry.

For most curls, beginning with damp hair is usually the most effective method. The moisture will make your hair soft and more comfortable to work with, which means getting rid of knots without too much pulling and tugging is possible. 

But remember to be gentle! Hair in this condition is more prone to breaking, so be mindful of your brush strokes.

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Pre-Poo Your Hair Before Detangling

You might already know that applying lots of conditioners is the most important thing to do when trying to detangle curly hair

You should provide sufficient curls for the brush to move through without pulling or pulling. If our hair is well-hydrated, it is much more accessible to separate and less susceptible to breaking. 

Have you heard of the treatment for pre-poo?

Pre-pooing is an excellent method to keep your natural hair tangle-free. Consider a pre-poo as a component of washing day preparation. 

The goal is to provide additional protection for your hair so you can start detangling curly hair before fully washing and conditioning your curls. Learn the fundamentals to get started with your routine for pre-poo:

  1. Clip your hair in sections to get ready.
  2. Apply the hair oil you choose, starting at the ends and moving toward the middle. Apply it sparingly to the hair’s roots.
  3. Work through tangles, beginning with your ends. If necessary, you can use an oversized comb.
  4. When you have completed the portion, cut it using an eagle clip before moving on to the next.
  5. It’s time to shampoo! Start by applying the shampoo to your roots, then gently rub the shampoo into your scalp, promoting circulation and easing tension. Apply the shampoo to the hair shaft one segment at a time, breaking up any knots you might have missed.
  6. Rinse thoroughly, and then apply your favourite conditioner to keep tangle-free curls!

Best Ways To Detangle Curly Hair

Knowing how to detangle curly hair does not require fighting yourself. 

We’ll show the user how to repair the curly look and respect your curls by understanding how to manage curly hair correctly.

# Step One: Unknot Your Hair. Pre-Shower

Detangling your hair before a show will be beneficial and, ultimately, will save you time after the show. Start by detangling your hair using your fingers. 

After that, use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush to gently remove remaining knots. If your hair is prone to knots, detangling it before showering with a product that contains some slip is an excellent method to reduce the amount of hair you must manage.

This is often referred to as pre-pooing. 

An untangling procedure that occurs before the use of a soapy substance.

Apply a pre-poo or hair oil, like the moisturizing shine Oil, all over your hair and allow it to rest for at least 5 minutes while you untangle. Then, rinse and wash your hair.

# Step Two: Wash And Condition With Care

The correct shampoo, and conditioner can make hair much more manageable. When thinking about washing curly hair, you should always search for formulas that nourish and offer the hydration you require for the desired look. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Begin by applying the shampoo to wet hair. Place the product directly on your scalp to avoid knots.
  2. Then, let the extra product wash your hair as you wash.
  3. Then, hold the Curl Conditioner and apply it from the root to the tip. A good, slippery conditioner will help remove tangles.
  4. Begin to loosen your hair by working on the conditioning process, section by section. You could also use a comb or a comb that has a wide-toothed or use the technique of detangling with your fingers.

If you use this time to shower to get rid of those annoying knots and to maintain the regular hair-care routine that is curly, You’ll need to spend a lot less time detangling after the shower.

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# Step Three: Dry it Right

Do not ruin all the hard work in your showering routine with a hair wrap in a turban or a standard old terry cloth towel. It could cause your hair to stretch and break, resulting in hair tangles.

Instead, use a softer microfiber towel or gently squeeze the excess water from your hair and avoid the towel entirely.

# Step Four: Apply A Detangling Product

Although we would love to step out of the bathroom without tangles, that’s not the case for most people. Removing knots from wet hair can be easy, provided your bag has the proper products.

Use detangling curly hair tools that perform double duty, as they can also meet the needs of curl styling. Select one based on the curl you want to style:

  • Curl enhancer for hair with wavy curls
  • Curl Elongator that makes coils that are tightly wound
  • A Curl Definer for curls that bounce and lie in between.

They’ll give you the slip you need to comb your hair. They will also provide the grip needed to spiral or scrunch your hair. 

Additionally, you’ll enhance your look by adding shine and smoothness. Incorporating the above mentioned products into your hair-care routine will make tying your hair effortless.

Tips For Avoiding Frizz When Styling Curly Hair

Frizz is the foe of curly girls. What are you doing to decrease the amount of frizz? The experts have put together some of their top techniques and tips.

Don’t wash your hair daily. 

Though it might seem strange, washing your hair less often helps it retain moisture. This is helpful when you’re doing your hair’s curls.

Seal your hair with oil: Once you’ve rubbed your hair, apply a high-quality oil. This will create a protective layer between the hair and the surrounding environment and reduce the risk of frizz.

Do not touch: Only apply pressure to your hair while doing a hairstyle or brushing it. In other cases, just let it alone! Doing your hair frequently can cause frizziness.

Avoid Adding Heat To Your Detangling Routine

If we’re feeling stressed, the first thing we should do is crank up the temperature. 

Heat is a fantastic source of frizz. Intense heat breaks down the chemicals that give curly curls their shape. 

The damage is exacerbated when heat is focused on the same spot, as when blow dryers for straightening tools are used together. In addition, frizzy hair becomes more challenging to manage to detangle curly hair because the pattern of curl changes and becomes uneven. 

It’s harder to detangle curly hair not aligned with the growth direction. Curly hair may develop a wavy texture due to excessive exposure to heating styling.

Choose products that smooth hair and relax it instead of frying your curls. 

A low-heat design allows you to dry your hair three times quicker than traditional blow dryers without compromising your curl’s pattern or quality. The payoff is shiny, sleek, and smooth hair that does not lose its shape. 

This means you won’t have dry-looking, flat locks from regular straightening. 

Also, you won’t have to go from tangled and frizzy poofy hair due to blow dryer hair. Low-heat is an excellent option for maintaining curls and tangle elimination.

Make Use Of The Right Tools

Did you know your tools can significantly impact the ease of untangling your hair and how your hair feels post-detangle?

Wide-Tooth Comb

Whether you have curly locks or tightly twisted coils, the broad-tooth comb is an excellent tool for removing knots in your hair. 

Begin at the bottom of your hair and slowly work towards the root. 

Be patient while letting the comb take care of itself! Always be gentle while working through tight knots.


Making use of your fingers to loosen curls is an opportunity that is popular among curly girls. Detangling curly hair with fingers requires patience and gentleness since you’ll have to work through knots strand-by-strand using only your fingers. 

This method is highly useful because it’s less likely to cause damage. It allows you to feel knots and not snap them. 

Therefore, if you’re seeking a method that is gentle and more likely to maintain your hair’s health, Detangling your hair with your fingers is a fantastic feature.

Detangle Comb for Curly Hair

Have you seen a detangle comb for curly hair? 

It’s made to make detangling easy. With over 400 specially positioned bristles that vary in length, the patented technology will give you a smooth experience when untangling dry or wet hair. 

You can also use it to distribute your product evenly throughout the wash day, improving the definition and washing day payoff!

If you’re unsure which tool to use, begin with a wide-tooth comb. If you’re not finding it difficult, try using a vent or a wet paddle brush. If you’re hoping to treat your hair luxuriously, then using a finger is best.

Keep Your Hair Free Of Knots

Once you’ve learned the technique for detangling curly hair, you’ll need to know how to prevent tangles from occurring at all costs.

Avoid Night time Washes

If you want to clean your hair, wash it during the day. If you wash your hair at night and don’t dry it properly, it may form knots when you twist and turn. 

At the beginning of the day, you’ll have a sea of knots to work through. If you must clean your hair before getting ready for bed, ensure it’s dry.

Avoid Split Ends

The split ends must be avoided at all costs. Maintain your hair’s health by trimming it regularly. Eliminate split ends in your hair with regular trimmings. 

Your hair will not have as many knots when you prevent split ends.

Put Your Hair Up

Make sure your hair is in a bun before you go to bed. You can braid or tie it loosely to reduce friction and matting.

Get Rid Of The Cotton

You can wear a satin headpiece or use a satin pillowcase for your pillow. Since satin is a smooth fabric, hair can slide over it much more quickly and won’t snag more than pillows made of cotton.

Do’s And Don’ts Of How To Detangle Curly Hair

If you’re ready to detangle your hair, follow these steps to ensure it doesn’t break. Take your time and take care of your hair.


  • Use a detangling brush for curly hair or a comb with a wide tooth.
  • Apply a conditioner with many slips. The slip will help loosen the knots and make the process easier for your comb or brush to move through your hair.


  • Wet your hair entirely with conditioner before you try to detangle it.
  • Separate your hair. Divide my hair into 4 sections.
  • Section-by-section, you can take your first section between your fingers.
  • Keep your fingers at the roots of the hair. Start to detangle from the ends, working upwards until the hair is entirely tangy-free.
  • Repeat step 4 throughout each step.
  • Rinse your hair well.

Do Not Do This While You’re Trying To Detangle Curly Hair

Wash day is a whole process, and it is possible to speed through some of it. Detangling curly hair shouldn’t be one of the things you rush through. You should make sure you don’t damage the hair strands.

  • Don’t be rushed to remove your curly hair.
  • Do not start from the root; you’ll push the knots toward the tips of your hair, which are already incredibly fragile.
  • Don’t pull your hair too tightly. Divide your hair into smaller pieces as you need to


Curly hair can be prone to knotting because it’s more dry than normal hair, which causes it to stick together. 

The easiest method of detangling curly hair is to ensure it’s moisturized, has lots of glides, and combines moisture and fluid movement, working by small pieces starting at the bottom. It’s not easy, but it’s an excellent method to keep frizz and damage at bay. 

Remember that if removing the knot hurts, the curls may hurt, too. Be gentle during the process.


Should You Detangle Curly Hair With A Brush Or Comb?

For curly hair, use a detangling hairbrush or a Wide-tooth comb. Avoid paddle brushes when detangling. They are only appropriate for creating styles in which tension is required. Instead, choose a wide-tooth, sturdy comb, detangling brush, or a hairbrush with flexible bristles.

Should I Brush My Curly Hair Before Or After Showering?

Add Moisture

Brush curly hair only when it’s damp, wet, or has loose hair between the strands and the bristles. Brushing dry hair is the perfect recipe for frizz and can also cause curls to fall out of place.

Is It Wrong Not To Detangle Curly Hair?

There’s no clear solution to when you should detangle your curls. Most curly ladies wait until their wash day to perform a complete detangling. This helps them maintain their wash-n-go look and avoid breaking up curls during the week.

What Is A Curly Hair Routine?

After showering, gently brush your hair around to remove the knots. Apply the quarter-sized portion of the curl cream you have chosen throughout your hair. Apply the cream with your fingers, cup your curls, and then scrunch them to increase curl definition. Use a hair mask or oil for your hair every week.


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