How To Grow Curly Hair

How To Grow Curly Hair
How To Grow Curly Hair

If you’re worried that your curly hair can take a long to grow beyond a certain level, you’re not the only one. Growing out curly hair depends on enough factors, from your genes to your diet, but most experts suggest around six inches in growth every year. 

Of course, the six inches will not be so apparent on someone with curly hair, but they’ll be noticeable for someone with straight hair!

If your desire for long and tumbling hair is slipping between the fingers of your hands, do not fret; you’re not alone. There are many ways to increase your hair’s growth. 

Here’s the information you need to know about growing curly hair.

How to Grow Out Curly Hair

  • Beware of Breakage

“When the hydration level is low, breakage can be a growing curly hair enemy.”

Curly hair is prone to breakage, not just because it is thirstier than other hair types; its structure is unique. 

Tightly curled hair is rectangular and ribbon-like. Its size is irregular (with larger and smaller areas) and has many turns. Its turning points and the thinner areas are susceptible to breaking.

The answer? “Good moisturization is crucial!” 

Keep your curly hair moisturized by using a product that penetrates the shaft to benefit it and help it thrive. Choose it for your hair type and pamper your curls with frequent deep-conditioning treatments.

  • Use The Correct Products

To grow out curly hair, it is necessary to select the best products. This means products designed specifically for curly curls. However, many different products make deciding which one to apply difficult.

Choose sulfate-free products without oil for moisturizers and cleansers. Sulfates can cause hair to become dry and brittle. 

This makes it difficult to cut and style. Furthermore, oil can make your hair heavier and cause it to appear greasy. Also, look for products that nourish and hydrate your hair instead. 

There are several other types of products that benefit develop healthy, long curly hair:

  • Ensure you use the correct cleanser: Since it removes all dirt and grime from the scalp, it aids in curl growth. This is why you must pick the appropriate shampoo for your hair. Use a 100% natural cleanser. It must contain all organic ingredients to increase hair growth.
  • A moisturizing product: Using a hair conditioner is crucial to your hair care regimen. It helps keep your hair hydrated and prevent hair tangles, which means you’ll see many changes in your hair’s growth! As with choosing the best cleanser, select the appropriate hair conditioner.
  • Styling cream: It will define curls and give them the perfect shine. Additionally, organic styling creams include all-natural ingredients that can boost hair growth. This is a great option for healthy, well-groomed hair.
  • Hair serum: It will help keep your hair safe from damage caused by heat and make it easier to manage. Together with your hair, serum can drastically alter its health and growth. So, it’s best to use it whenever you are out or exposed to temperatures.
  • Shampoo Less

Water exposure isn’t good for curly hair. When hair is wet, its fiber expands, deforming the cuticle. 

After drying and the cuticle re-forming, it remains damaged. Put the shower on top of the shower, and you’ll have opened cuticles on top of the shower. 

The hair fiber cuticle is the first defense line when it’s damaged; once it is gone, it will never return. If you lose your cuticle, your hair’s armor is destroyed, making it more vulnerable to breakage.

The answer to this issue involves washing your hair an inch less every week. You can switch to four if you wash your hair five times weekly. 

If you wash your hair three times a week, consider switching to just two. You’ll likely notice a dramatic change in its length and shine in the long run.

  • Use The Heat Protection

Protection from heat is one of the fundamental tips for growing out curly hair, particularly to maintain your hair’s health and avoid damage. 

A few ways to shield your hair from extreme heat can be achieved by combining using a spray that protects against heat or serum before styling your hair. Therefore, it is essential to buy high-quality products for styling your hair.

Products that protect against heat benefit by creating an insulating layer between hair and the heat source, preventing direct contact that could cause damage. 

Be sure to select products not containing silicone, which could affect your hair’s health.

As a result, if you take proper care of your hair, you’ll notice curly hair growing fast. Additionally, they will become healthier than they have ever been

  • Take Care Of Your Ends

There’s no reason to try to develop your hair if your ends are damaged or dry. This can lead to split hair and breakage, destroying your efforts.

It’s essential to pay attention to your goals. 

Suppose you’ve not already gone to your preferred salon for a cut. This will give your hair a new look, allowing you to add length to your healthy hair instead of fixing damaged hair.

While it might seem strange, regular haircuts and trimmings are essential. They ensure that hair stays healthy and robust.

Trimming your hair every 8-12 weeks while trying to develop your hair is recommended. Be as precise as you can with your stylist, but the most important thing is for them to cut off too much in error!

When adding the products you use to treat your hair, make sure that you focus on your ends. 

You may also find deep conditioning products specifically designed for your hair’s ends. These products keep your hair’s ends moisturized and soft without making them feel stiff.

  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Water is indeed the main ingredient here. Regular conditioning can help hydrate your locks, decreasing the chances of sustaining a breakage.

You must add moisture and nourishment to your locks every day. Leave-in treatments containing water, light hair milk, and other moisturizing products will keep your curls hydrated throughout the day.

Also, apply a deep-conditioning hair mask at least once a month. These products are necessary to deliver vital vitamins and moisture to your hair from root to tip. 

Try adding keratin using products for more nourishment.

Remember to hydrate your body well! Drinking satisfying fluids throughout the day can provide extra moisture and strength to the locks.

  • Avoid Bad Hair Habits

We’ve been discussing what you need to do to boost your hair growth. Now it’s time for us to discuss things you shouldn’t do.

Beware of extreme chemical treatments. While relaxers, bleaches, dyes, and perms can temporarily give you the style you’ve always wanted, they can also harm your hair. Let your natural curls flourish!

Beware of hairstyles with tight edges. 

Buns, tight ponytails, and braids can strain hair, mainly when the hair is in a tangle for prolonged periods. Try looser hairstyles.

If you habitually tie your hair with your fingers, Stop! Twisting or pulling your hair may stress it, making it more vulnerable to breaking.

Do not continue with fine-toothed combs for curly hair, either. While this may be acceptable for different hair types, a comb with a wide tooth is better for working through knots on curly hair.

  • Massage Your Scalp

Because scalp massages can help ease tension and stress, Giving yourself an oil massage on your scalp is an excellent suggestion, not less than every week. 

When it comes to promoting growing curly hair, there are many advantages to the scalp massages they serve. 

The massages benefit from raising blood flow to the hair follicles (which will add more excellent nutrition. They also stimulate the sebum production on your scalp. The benefit builds the root that holds your hair. 

They help distribute your hair’s natural oils evenly. Massages on your scalp can also help your hair be more durable. 

All you have to do is warm your preferred carrier oil (coconut grapeseed, avocado, jojoba, and sweet almond oils are beneficial, and one with a few drops of Eucalyptus (the menthol in it will help increase the growth of hair as well as lavender (nourishes and fights hair loss” or rosemary.

After that, using your fingers or a handheld scalp massager, gently massage the scalp for about 10 minutes. Also, if you do this at least once per week, you should see an improvement in the condition of your hair in about 4-6 weeks.

  • Remember To Take Care Of Your Curls At The End Of The Day

While many women take the steps needed to achieve perfect hair before leaving the house, they fail to concentrate sufficiently on their nighttime hair care routine.

Make sure that hair has been pulled up so that it doesn’t become caught in the night, regardless of whether you’re wearing a high ponytail, a low ponytail, or a braid. 

Note that satin pillowcases and a satin bonnet are essential in keeping hair from breaking.

  • Reduce the Friction

Ensure that your hair is not rubbed against rough materials (like cotton pillowcases or nubbly towels), which could cause hair breakage and frizzy hair. It is possible to keep your curls in good condition by resting on a satin-finished pillowcase and drying your hair with the softness of a T-shirt. 

To warrant that you dry your curly hair and stop frizz, try ” plopping” it.

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  • Leave Your Hair Alone

The more you use your hands or styling tools on your hair, the weaker it will become. 

So, unless you are making your hair look great for the day or preparing it for a night out, just let it be. Simply letting your hair go as naturally as it can be could be precisely what it needs to flourish, so you’ll get the beautiful and long hair you’ve always wanted!

  • Take Care of Your Hair Follicles

How do you use these growth phases to benefit yourself and your curls? You’ve already achieved this by maintaining your hair follicles and growing the hair! 

Your hair follicles are located beneath the hair’s surface. So, unfortunately, treatments that are applied externally don’t stimulate your follicle to increase its growth. But, they will keep what you’ve grown long and stop breakage.

To help your follicles develop from the inside, taking foods and supplements that help promote healthy growth is essential. For instance, hydrating and eating foods rich in vitamins significantly improve your body’s overall health, including your hair follicles. 

Supplements can help keep your hair follicles, skin, and nails healthy and happy by delivering nutrition directly into these regions. 

Foods such as tofu, Flax seeds, soybeans, whole grain bread, and many others contain natural estrogen, which can help grow curly hair

Also, it is essential to cut your hair regularly every four months or less to keep your growth and prevent split ends that can cut off and hinder your length goals. Make sure you oxygenate your ends, girlfriends!

Hair Growth Tips – Things to Avoid

  • Do not use a comb with a fine tooth and a brush. Use a wide-tooth comb and our double detangler to remove the tangles.
  • Reduce the heat styling. Protect hair using an item that protects against heat (such as Mongongo Oil multi-use curl treatment) before blow drying or with heat tools.
  • Avoid tight elastics and ponytails composed of rubber or metal clasps. These items can catch hair strands.

Stretch, Don’t Shrink

Depending on your hair type, your curls can shrink 30-75 percent of their length. Try styling with products designed to lengthen your curls to maximize your length.

Talk to a Professional

If you’re having trouble with your hair’s growth or have specific concerns about your curls, you should consult a stylist or hair trichologist. 

They’ll offer specific advice and suggestions for your hair type and requirements.

We hope the suggestions above have helped you overcome difficulties with curly hair to achieve those long, vibrant curls you want. Take note of these helpful tips to help you develop your curly hair and keep it beautiful.

The Bottom Line

Have you learned now how to grow out curly hair

Long, curly hair can be a challenge. However, with the proper understanding and commitment, you can obtain beautiful, healthy locks. This article suggests ways to care for your curly hair and keep it looking excellent. 

Find out what is best for your hair type and stick with it! With perseverance and dedication, you’ll have longer and healthier curls that will make you feel like you’re worth a million dollars.


What Are The Foods For Growing Curly Hair?

Below are a few ingredients that you should add to your daily diet. They are excellent for boosting your hair’s health. 

For instance, you can include eating fresh chicken, vegetables, and fruits on your list. Drinking plenty of water is another excellent way to improve your hair’s health.

How To Grow Curly Hair To The Waist?

Get curly hair as long as the waist! It’s like a dream come true. However, it’s achievable with the proper methods for growing your hair curly. Start with an appropriate base. After that, consume a proper diet and plenty of minerals and vitamins. 

This will focus on providing you with the necessary building blocks to warrant healthy hair growth.

In addition, make sure you drink plenty of water and have a restful night’s sleep. This will keep your hair and body strong and healthy. Adhering to the right hair care routine is also essential!

What To Do In The Awkward Stage Of Hair Growth?

In awkward times, determine what will work perfectly for your style. Style is a good idea, and ponytails keep it in control. The awkward stage can be stressful. However, it’s crucial to remain positive and remember that it’s temporary.

When Do You Trim Curly Hair As It Grows Out?

Every 6-8 weeks

The advantage of scheduling your trims in advance is that you’re establishing the perfect plan to keep your ends and will benefit from avoiding future knotting and splitting of strands. Curly hair should be cut at least every six to eight weeks. 

It’s the time to get trimming when curls start to become knot-like.


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