5 Tips: How to Sleep with Curly Hair?

How to Sleep with Curly Hair

Although your hair with a tight texture can be powerful in various ways, you’re probably aware that those curly hair won’t shape and hydrate themselves. So why not consider the right products for curly hair and equipment to maintain your curls overnight?

In this article, we’ll discuss 5 tips on how to sleep with curly hair. So you can make your curly hair more vibrant.

Why Protect Curly Hair Overnight?

We all know curly, wavy, or coily hair needs special attention and affection. 

And that’s true even when you’re sleeping. After an exhausting day, we’re tempted to fall asleep in any way we choose and hope for the perfect for our curly hair. 

We could take a few seconds to prepare before we sleep with curly hair. We’re giving ourselves a chance to have more relaxed hair.

People with curls that keep their shape throughout the night require just a bit of styling when they wake up. This sounds like a lie-in to us! 

Also, preserving our curls from damage means they are less likely to break when we toss and turn. Your hair will become thicker, more durable, and smoother over time.

Prep Your Hair Before Bed

When you’re ready to go to bed, preparing your hair to get a good night’s rest is crucial. Make sure to follow these tips to ensure that your curls aren’t damaged:

  • Conditioning

Use a leave-in conditioner or oil for your hair to moisten your curls. This will help prevent dryness and reduce frizz while you’re sleeping. Be sure to choose leave-in conditioners that contain hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, water, glycerin, or hyaluronic acid to add the curls you have with moisture.

Conditioning hair

  • Detangling 

Use a comb with a wide tooth or fingers to unravel your hair. Before working your way to the roots, begin with the tips to prevent breaking.

Detangling For Hair

  • Your curls will look like a pineapple if you tuck your hair into an open high ponytail placed at the top of your head in the shape of a pineapple. 

Make sure to secure it with an elastic or satin scrunchie. This will protect your curls and stop them from flattening.

How To Sleep With Curly Hair

1: Try The Plopping Method

Are you wondering how to rest with wet, curly hair? You’re not alone. 

If your experience with natural hair is long enough, you might have encountered the phrase “plopping.” It’s a well-known method of drying hair that promises big curls. It’s also a good method to follow when sleeping with curly hair.

Do you need help with what to do with your locks? Here’s the procedure:

Step 1: Begin with freshly washed or damp hair.

Step 2: Apply oil and curling gels to define the look of your hair strands.

Step 3: Spread your microfiber towel or t-shirt on an even surface.

Step 4: Flip your hair to ensure it is gathered on the towel.

Step 5: Wrap the towel around your head, flip it, and place the towel into a tuck at the end.

Voila! You can tuck off the towel in the morning to reveal your springy, nourished curls. It’s simple to sleep with curly hair, and you don’t have to apply heat to dry your hair rapidly.

2: Hydrate Your Curls

Consider this the final step of your night curly hair care routine before sleeping. You might apply a night-time recovery cream in the evening to nourish and hydrate your skin. You’ll need to moisturize and nourish curls while keeping your look before sleeping.

Hydrate Your Hair Curls

Apply an oil lightly on your curly hair ends to keep your hair secure and help retain moisture. Maintaining your scalp and curly hair is essential and is a fantastic way to give your curls additional moisture and revive your hair. 

A good scalp refresh mist can be great for rejuvenating and calming the scalp following a tiring day. 

Do you want to pamper yourself? Some fun scalp massage while you’re at it.

3: Loose Bun

Many curlies prefer to sleep with curly hair in a loose bun to reduce frizz. 

Apply a leave-in conditioner, then rub the gel into the hair before flipping it upside down and locking it in buns. Ensure you keep your bun loose so curls do not stretch out excessively. 

loose bun for sleeping curly hair

Avoid a scratch by twisting and tucking your bun loosely and then securing it with the scrunchie.

This technique offers a wide range of morning hairstyle options. If your hair is wet, it is possible to add products for curling and then diffuse or air-dry your hair.

4: Choose A Satin or Silk Pillowcase

If you’re African or Hispanic or have curly hair, the shaft of your hair varies in size, like the curly shape. That means your hair shaft may be a different size throughout and can cause hair strands to be more susceptible to breaking.

When you twist and turn your head at night, it puts pressure on your hair follicles and causes breakage, all the more likely.

Place your curls on to prevent frizz and breakage while you sleep with curly hair. Pillowcases made of cotton take in your hair’s natural oils and rub against the hair’s curls.

A pillowcase made from satin could protect the hair’s structure.

In addition, as a bonus, it could help keep your head cool and keep your scalp from becoming oily. This may reduce the necessity of washing your hair.

5: Wrap Your Hair in a Silk or Satin Scarf

If you have long, curly hair, wrap it in a satin or silk scarf before bedtime. It is advisable to use this for curly hair. 

It is a good idea since these materials decrease friction with your hair and reduce the chance of frizz and tangles. 

Silk and satin scarves aren’t able to take moisture away from your hair. This helps keep moisture in your hair and prevents dryness, breakage, and frizz.

By keeping your curls on their own, scarves can also stop excessive movement at night, which reduces the chance of hair breaking due to friction between your sheets or pillow.

Here’s how you can wrap your hair in the scarf:

  1. Place the scarf flat on your bed, making the shape of a diamond.
  2. Hair should be placed in the middle. Gently put your hair in the middle of the scarf, and keep the ends of the scarf facing your shoulders.
  3. Ties the scarf – Pull the two scarf ends back behind your head and tie them loosely around the nape of your neck.
  4. Secure the knot. To stop the scarf from unraveling as you sleep, put the loose ends under the scarf.

Should You Sleep With Wet Curly Hair?

Do you need your hair to dry before putting it into the style you’ll be sleeping in? While it’s okay to rest with curly, wet hair if you do it safely, there are a few reasons this is not the perfect choice.

First of all, hair is extremely fragile when it’s wet. In reality, that’s the time when hair is most vulnerable to breakage and damage. 

Curls thrive on moisture and depend on the hair’s porosity. If it hangs the weight of a large amount of liquid, the hair will be weakened and weigh down every strand. It’s not just about stretching out your curls, but in time, stretching can also make hair fragile. 

In excess, it can cause it to break completely.

Drawback of Sleeping With Wet Curly Hair

The other drawback to wet hair is that you wake up without an appropriate hairstyle if your goal is to have a defined twist at the beginning of the day. 

Depending on how long it takes to dry your hair, the chances that you have wet hair braided and then covered with a bonnet will not allow for the airflow needed to dry it. Prepare to keep the twist longer in the morning, or plan to dry it before braids or twists are removed.

Hair wet at night could also leave your hair with a strange smell. 

Did you wash towels that don’t dry promptly? 

When it is sat in other laundry items, the same moldy and damp smell can be a problem for your hair if the air isn’t flowing through to help it dry. Don’t lay down with your hair tied in towels. 

You’ll set your curls in danger of causing major damage. 

The terry cloth material of most towels is a complete curl no. It can get caught on the cuticles of your hair, which can cause hair breakage. 

Increased Frizziness

This also increases the risk of friction, which can cause your hair to become frizzy. 

Additionally, there’s not much airflow in the towel, and you are at risk that your hair will smell when you wake up. It differed from what you intended to do the last time you washed your hair before bed!

When to Sleep With Wet Curly Hair?

One situation where the idea of sleeping with hair that is wet is sensible is with natural products for your hair for an overnight treatment, such as a moisture Mask. 

An oil or hair mask treatment may restore moisture and strengthen hair while resting. It is also the perfect moment to focus on your head. The skin beneath your hair is a continuation of the skin that covers your body. 

Therefore, the night is ideal for applying overnight masks and scalp serums. Conditioners that leave-in and penetrating hair oils that benefit from hydrating and aiding in growth.

3-Step of Quick Morning Refresh

For many people around the globe, their morning priorities include a great hairstyle and a strong coffee. Follow these steps to accomplish iconic curls with a minimum of effort.

  • Let it out

Remove your hairband or the pineapple to check how your curls hold up throughout the night. Do your hair with a flutter by placing your fingers on the roots while gently shaking. Turn your head upside down and repeat.

  • Let it Settle

After 8 hours in a bonnet or pineapple, your curls may take a few minutes to tuck in. You can let your hair down as breakfast is eaten, look at your emails, or make coffee. Look at your mirror after 15-30 minutes to see how you look.

  • Refresh it

It’s normal that curls lose their bounce, get clumped together, or flatten overnight. It’s fine if your curls require some tenderness and affection. Here are two quick morning refresh routines:

  • Steam Refresh – After the shower, turn your head over to let the heat from the shower transform your curls. Apply a light glaze to your hair using damp hands to define and smooth your curls. Be careful not to get too wet. Do a quick diffuse at an extremely low speed with medium heat, and you’re set to go.
  • Spot refresh – working on curl by curl, you’ll have to smooth and define your curls with gel and water. 

Use curl-defining gel, mix it with water using your hands, spray individual curls using the mist spray bottle, and then smooth it on your own. Squeeze curls to boost definition and then dry them. 

Mix water and gel in your palms to create a more defined look. 

Do you want to wake up to more supple, healthier hair with a longer lifespan between washing days? Include hair protection into your routine at night, and look into curl-proof accessories.

The Bottom Line

So we shared tips on how to sleep with curly hair.

The care for curly hair requires some strategic thinking. You can make your curls look healthy, shiny, and natural, all while sleeping.

Simple changes to your daily routine, for example, sleeping on your back and changing your pillowcase to satin, could make a huge difference in your hair’s appearance and health.


What Is Hair Pineapple?

You can gather your hair loosely over your head. Secure it using a hair tie or scrunchie, forming the appearance of a “pineapple” shape. 

It’s important to keep your hair loose to ensure that you don’t over-stretch your curls or make a crease in your hair.

Do You Have To Tie Your Hair When You Sleep?

Avoid Tight Hairstyles Or Don’t Tie Your Hair At All.

It’s perfect to keep your hair in a loose braid while sleeping at night. When it’s with an overnight treatment in your hair, brush it with an oversized comb before tying it loosely. 

Make sure you don’t use hair ties made of rubber or metal. Instead, opt for silky soft scrunchies or a headwrap.

How To Sleep With Curly Hair?

The accurate method of keeping the freshness of your curly locks is by tying them in the shape of a pineapple. 

Just grab the closest scrunchie or tie that isn’t snag-proof and put hair loosely in a ponytail over your head. You can hold a tiny butterfly clip if you have fringe or face-framing pieces. Now you’re all set for bed.

How Do I Start A Curly Hair Routine?

How to Build Curly Hair Routines

  • Cleansing: Whatever your style, begin your hair care routine by giving it an effective wash to remove dirt, grime, and extra oil. 
  • Conditioning: Then, follow it with a curling hair conditioner. 
  • Deep conditioning
  • Proper drying
  • Protecting

What Hairstyle Should I Sleep In?

Make sure you braid your hair before getting ready to go to sleep. 

This trick has proven to work consistently and has been among the perfect methods to protect your hair while you sleep. It’s not just a way to protect your hair from damage – preventing it from getting caught and breaking. 


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