How to Use a Hair Pick Comb for Curly Hair

How to Use a Hair Pick Comb for Curly Hair
How to Use a Hair Pick Comb for Curly Hair

For those who want large and defined curls, the hair pick comb is an effective instrument for curls. It can benefit to create the “big hair” look you want.

Its sturdy, long-lasting, spaced teeth distinguish the hair pick comb. It is the most popular tool for people with curls or curly hair who want to increase volume and definition.

This is a step-by-step guide on using a hair pick comb for curly hair to create big curls.

Difference Between Using A Brush Or Comb For Curly Hair?

The primary distinction between brushes or combs for curly hair is due to the amount of hair you own. Brushes are a good option for detangling hair when you’ve got many of them. 

The bristles can work through knots more quickly than a comb with a wide tooth that requires you to divide your hair into sections to move the fine product through your hair. Combs can ensure lower frizz and less tugging; you must be more deliberate when using this tool.

Specific combs have handles, while others don’t have brushes. Make sure you choose one with a handle for an adequate grip. 

The most important thing to avoid is a comb that breaks due to pulling too hard or sliding off your fingers if you have enough styling products. 

Use a detangle comb for curly hair to detangle hair and are suitable for creating different hairstyles. However, it all comes down to your personal choice.

Why Comb For Curly Hair?

Most of the population is thought of as having hair that naturally curls.

Brushing curly hair is usually not recommended to get and keep healthy hair. If a brush is used on hair with curly curls, it can alter the curls’ texture and result in significant breakage because it tugs at the hair.

Combs are highly suggested because they stop pulling and maintain curls. Use a comb with a wide tooth and begin combing from the top of your hair to the top. Make sure to comb slowly, remove knots, and apply a spray to revive your curls!

When your curls appear curly, and you would like them to appear a certain way, it is possible to use a tool to loosen them. You should employ a comb that has a fine tooth to attain a looser curly style.

If your curls look how you like them but see some tangles, use a wide-tooth comb to remove them while keeping your curls’ form.

Step 1: Start With Freshly Washed Hair

If the hair you wash is healthy and well-nourished, it’s in the best state and less susceptible to breaking. The primary step should be to perfect your routine for washing day.

If you do not have a wash day routine nailed down or aren’t sure how to choose curly products for your natural texture, don’t worry! Here’s a sample of what an effective wash-day routine should look like:

  • Shampoo your hair with a gentle yet cleansing, hydrating shampoo.
  • Apply your hair with a light conditioner to benefit from hydrating your curls.
  • Rinse your hair with cool water and close your ends.
  • Hairstyle your hair together the natural tools for hair that are paired with your preferred products, like curl creams or gels

Many naturals concur that hairpicks will cause all the frizz but not the bounce. 

However, if you follow the proper technique, that shouldn’t be the case. You’ve learned that brushing curly hair and keeping it well-hydrated is crucial. 

Ensure your hair is moisturized with gels, conditioners, curly creams, or blends such as Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil before you combine your hair with a hairpin. 

Your hair is more likely to look gorgeous and bouncy when hydrated.

Step 2. Dry Your Hair

Do not use the hair-pick until thoroughly dried to ensure your curls are healthy. For a way to achieve the illusion of gravity-defying curls, you can use the following techniques:

  • A T-shirt or the microfiber cloth to dry and encourage curls
  • Diffuser, with the setting set to either cool or on to create a heaven-like volume

These techniques will also shield your hair’s health from unneeded scratching (which is possible with cotton towels) and benefit your hair with the most curl-quenching moisture.

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Step 3: Choose The Right Pick

If you’re seeking a specific appearance or want to safeguard your hair from damage, The hair pick for curly hair you choose to use is crucial. You’ll enjoy a top-quality hair pick with teeth set wide that will help you attain the right volume, shape, and length.

Regarding picking, there are two choices: plastic and metal. The kind of pick you choose will depend greatly on the type of curl you’ve got:

  • Metal picks are ideal for people with curlier, tighter hairstyles for thick hair. Although metal picks may add volume, they can also scratch your scalp.
  • Plastic picks are much gentler on hair strands than metal picks. A detangle comb for curly hair can help detangle hair and increase volume. It’s also great for loose curls.

Select the best hair pick that will work well for you and your beautiful locks.

Step 4: Pick Your Hair

You should begin with your hair pick comb only after the hair has dried. Do not pick your hair towards the ends because this can damage your natural curl pattern, which can cause frizziness and breakage.

To create volume, take these steps to develop volume:

  • Turn Your Hair Around: tilt your head to the left while letting your hair fall, then begin the hairpick together from the bottom of your neck, at the neck’s nape.
  • Shake and section: Part your hair. Split the hair into manageable segments.
  • Use the hair pick comb to fluff and shape your curls. Pay attention to areas that require more volume or definition.
  • Concentrate on Roots Hair Lift: Pull hair up from the root using the hair pick to add height and create a large-looking look.

When you are done using a hair pick comb to increase volume, spray a light mist of hairspray to set and maintain the volume you have created all day.

Professional Tips For Hair Pick Comb

To be a master of hair pick comb, think about these competent tips:

  1. Learn Your Hair Type: Understanding your hair’s style can aid in deciding on the best hair pick comb to meet your particular needs.
  2. Start from the Ends When detangling, start at the end and work your way upwards to reduce breakage and tangling.
  3. Use Sectioning: Separate hair sections for easier styling and detangling sessions.
  4. Explore different styles: Hair pick comb offers versatility in fashion. Do not be afraid to play with various styles to find the one that suits you.

Is It Better To Use Hair Pick Comb On Wet Or Dry Hair?

There’s a constant debate about whether hair with a hair pick comb should be combed dry or wet. On the one hand, it’s true that when curly hair is damp, it’s in its softest form, and comb-overs will prevent unnecessary tension and pulling. 

However, wet curly hair is highly delicate, so combing it when wet, even though it’s not as strong, can result in breakage.

The accurate method is to spray curly hair in water and apply a small amount of conditioner before combing it. This will add moisture back to the hair and allow the comb to move through without putting too much pressure on it.

It’s time to buy a hair pick comb and curls with incredible volume!

Dos And Don’ts When Using Hair Pick Combs

You’ve made a cute twist out of it. However, what’s next? If you’re one with fine hair, add some extra oomph to the style you’ve spent a lot of time creating.

Below are tips and don’ts to follow with a hair pick comb to ensure the perfect outcome each time.

  • Apply It To Dry Hair

In the beginning, before you apply a hair pick comb, you will be tempted to use the style on dry hair. One of the most essential things natural people understand is that if you pull the hair down while it’s wet, you’ll be left with only frizz. 

Allow your hair to dry completely first to ensure your curls can develop and become defined according to your style. Then, you can begin the hair pick together.

  • Don’t Overdo It

However, Stay moderate with your picking! 

If you want to ensure that your outfit lasts several days or more than a week, it isn’t a good idea to make it look so prominent at the beginning that it appears like a nest after day four. 

However, if you’re a fan of frizz or intend to attend a single event, it’s OK to use the opportunity to achieve the best appearance.

  • Do Lift The Roots Gently

The next step is to test together and pick when you push it through your hair. To attain the largest appearance, put the pick in the middle of your hair and gently pull it up.

Lift the hair at the roots, then repeat the process repeatedly. Your curls will not be tangled, and you’ll get more volume. You can also form your hair how you’d like it laid upon your scalp.

  • Do Not Pull To The Point Of Breaking

Although you may be doing your best to lift the curls, don’t go to the fullest extent. If you pull the pick entirely through, it is similar to combing out curls. Instead, you should lift it at the roots and then stop. You’ll still have volume and definition. It is the perfect of both worlds!

These are our top tips for using a hair pick comb to achieve an excellent hairstyle! 

The Comb or Brush: What is the Best?

It is impossible to claim that a brush or comb is superior to another for curly hair health. A myriad of scenarios can affect our hair, making it difficult to determine if it is either or both.

However, we can determine which tool is more beneficial for hair health when we consider specific aspects. The principal goal of any of these hair products is to remove knots and prepare us for healthy, smooth hair.

Mix it up. If you think you’re using the wrong product, find one that is perfect for your hair. Examine how your hair responds to different ways of styling and determine what it feels and looks like best. 

The health of your hair is all about trial and error. Ultimately, you’ll find an approach that is right for you.

Give your hair a boost with detangling masks, revitalizing sprays that bring curls back to life, and clarifying shampoos that eliminate the itch.

Your hair deserves love, as do we. Better Not Younger is here to show it.


Should You Brush Curly Hair With A Comb?

Curly hair is fragile, so using a broad-toothed comb can be the most gentle and efficient method of styling, detangling, spreading natural oils, and staying as natural as your curl without causing damage or breaking.

Can I Use A Pick To Detangle Curly Hair?

Curl brushes and combs can loosen your curls with minor breakage and minimal hair falling. Using your fingers is long and tiring, but you have all the control you need when looking for or pulling the knots. Your fingers offer a less tense approach to removing knots.

How To Fluff Out Curls?

Once your curls have dried and your hair is dry, shake it. Have fun, and put on your favorite tune so that you can shake your head. After that, flip your hair around, run your fingers toward the scalp, and gently shake the curls with your fingertips. This will split curls that have clumped together and will raise the volume.

How And When To Comb Curly Hair?

Include moisture. The golden rule for brushing curly hair is to do it when it is damp. Brushing dry curly hair will cause frizz and loosen curls, causing them to lose shape. Apply a leave-in conditioner or moisturizing cream to your hair as the first step after washing it with a bath or shower.

What Happens If You Don’t Comb Your Hair?

If you groom your hair for a short time, it may get knotted and matted and difficult to comb. It could also cause split ends and hair breakage. The inability to brush your hair correctly may cause problems like dandruff and scalp itchiness.


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