Top 10 most effective ways how to lose weight fast

weight lose
weight lose

How to lose belly fat? How to lose weight fast? What is the fastest way to lose weight for women or men? Quest for finding answers to these questions on the internet often leads you to fad diet plans

Losing weight will save you from many sedentary diseases and also helps in improving your efficiency and energy levels. However, the most prevalent diet plans and ways to lose weight may not satisfy your hunger. Consequently, it becomes difficult to sustain such diet plans, supplements, and meal replacements for a sustained weight loss regime. The weight loss regime must include diet and lifestyle changes that are sustainable for a long-lasting lifestyle.

10 Tips to lose weight fast

Here are the ten ways that can be adopted as a lifestyle to lose weight fast.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting reduces calorie intake and is easy to adopt as a lifestyle. Hence it is likely to produce positive results for losing weight over a longer duration

This technique helps the body to reduce calorie intake and denotes regular short-term fasts with consuming meals for a shorter period. Studies have supported the use of intermittent fasting to reduce weight. A few methods used for intermittent fasting are as follows:-

  • Alternate fasting means fasting every other day and eating on non-fasting days. Studies have revealed that consuming 25 to 30 % of the body’s energy requirements on fasting days proves beneficial to lose weight fast.
  • Fasting on two days every week is known as the 5:2 diet. One should consume a maximum of 500 to 600 calories on fasting days to accrue the maximum benefits of weight loss.
  • Another method of intermittent fasting is known as the 16/8 method. It means fasting for 16 hours and consuming meals within a window of 8 hours. This method also causes less consumption of calories leading to weight loss.

Respect your Food

People who pay attention to their eating style and remain mindful of how and where they eat can maintain a healthy body weight

In today’s busy life, people tend to eat quickly without paying due attention to food. Some of the precautions which must be adhered to are as follows:-

  • Always enjoy the experience of food. Sit down specifically to eat, preferably at a table. Avoid all kinds of distractions like TV, laptop, or mobile.
  • Take proper time to chew and consume the food. It will give time for processing the food to the brain and digestive system and restrict overeating.
  • Choose your food after due consideration to acquire maximum nutrition.

Reducing sugar and refined carbohydrates

Reducing sugar and refined carbs intake lowers insulin levels, curbs your appetite, and helps to lose weight fast

Eating habits of today include a high level of processed carbohydrates and sugar. They are devoid of fiber and other nutrients, digest quickly and transform into glucose. Glucose stimulates insulin which enhances fat storage. Consuming complex carbs such as whole grains will provide the required fiber for the body and take time to digest, having a more filling effect to keep you satisfied.

Increase Fiber intake, Eat protein, fats, and Vegetables

Make your meals wholesome and balanced, including complex carbs, healthy fats, leafy green vegetables, and protein

Balance your diet by including protein, fiber, fats, and vegetables. Protein facilitates your body to maintain muscle health during weight loss. Healthy Protein sources are meat, fish, seafood, eggs, and plant-based proteins.

Green leafy vegetables are brimmed with nutrients and rich in fiber, having a low amount of calories and carbs. Vegetables like potatoes, winter squash, and corn are complex carbs entailing a cautious approach to their consumption.

Notwithstanding your wish to lose weight fast, healthy fats are an imperative requirement of your body. Nuts, seeds, olive oil, and avocado oil are delicious sources of healthy fats. One must be prudent in using high-saturation fats such as coconut and butter oil.

Healthy and protein rich Breakfast

A healthy breakfast will fulfill your requirements of calories and energy required throughout the day. A high-protein breakfast will reduce your cravings and is likely to regulate appetite hormones. The result would be a filling effect for several hours.

Physical Activity

Resistance training is best as weight loss exercise. However, cardio workouts such as swimming, jogging, running, and cycling are also beneficial

Exercise is a great way to lose weight fast and helps your body to burn calories. Burning calories regulates the metabolism and doesn’t allow it to slow down, producing beneficial results for general health. Weight lifting or resistance training is more productive for weight loss though aerobic or cardio workouts are also helpful.

A Fine Sleep

Poor sleep is associated with a slow metabolism, the production of insulin, and obesity. Quality sleeping of 6-8 hours a day is likely to decrease the storage of fats in the body and regulate the appetite-controlling hormones Leptin and ghrelin.

Don’t pile up the stress!

Studies have revealed a reduction in weight through stress management intervention. Stress triggers adrenaline and cortisol, which are likely to cause the storage of fats. Stress management techniques such as yoga, meditation, and walking will help to lose weight.

Weight loss drinks and foods

Caffeine is known to boost the metabolism, helping in processing food and converting it into energy. Take coffee and tea to lose weight fast, though be wary of quantity and sugar. Apple cider vinegar is another renowned weight loss drink that satisfies the appetite and reduces the consumption of calories. Some foods like whole eggs, leafy green vegetables, Avocados, soups, and Chia seeds are effective for weight loss.

Drink water and stay hydrated

Staying hydrated has an overarching effect on your general health. Drinking water will suppress your appetite, stimulate metabolism, and helps the body to remove toxins or waste. Accumulatively these reasons will accelerate the weight loss process.

How to lose weight fast?

Your aspirations to lose weight fast must not be at the cost of your health. Medically losing 1-2 pounds weight in a week is a safe play though if you are interested in losing more weight, do consult your doctor. The most effective and fastest way to lose weight is by reducing the intake of calories, having low carbs, and adopting a more active lifestyle.


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