15 Best Yoga Poses for Two People | 2024 Guide

Best Yoga Poses for Two People

Yoga isn’t just for meditation and solitude. Yoga with a partner or two people can be a fantastic bonding activity for friends or strangers in the park to dive deeper into their practice. Yoga poses for two people help build trust in communication, connection, and trust. 

In addition, it provides you with a good stretch and strengthens the asanas you practice.

If it sounds a bit intimidating or awkward initially, don’t doubt! Poses for yoga with two persons are easy. In this article, we will tell you the best yoga poses for two people.

Take your mat, find someone you trust, and be prepared for laughter and relaxation.

Let’s begin!

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Yoga Poses for Two People

There is no need to be an experienced yogi to discover suitable yoga poses for two people! It is essential to warm up because it does not just physically prepare you; it allows you to connect with yourself and your partner. The gentle nature of these yoga poses for two people helps alleviate any stress you may be experiencing!

1. Partner Forward Fold

Partner forward fold with a partner is “an excellent starting point for those new to yoga.” The posture helps to strengthen the hamstrings and reduce back stretch.. Here’s how you can do it:

Partner Forward Fold

  • Stand back-to-back with your partner.
  • You both extend your arms and lift  your arms upwards to reach out your hands above your heads.
  • Inhale, lengthen your spine. Then, as you exhale, flex your spine forward and reach for your feet.
  • Reach behind your legs  to secure your partner’s hands or forearms.
  • Use each other to improve stretching by pulling one another towards your legs.

2. Back-To-Back Twist

To finish your seated warm-up, try this easy yoga poses for two people.

The most appealing aspect of this yoga pose for two people is how easy it is to keep your spine straight, thanks to the support provided by your partner.

Back-To-Back Twist

  1. You can sit back-to-back while keeping the feet crossed
  2. Breathe in and let your spine extend
  3. After exhaling, twist clockwise, then spiral back and forth
  4. Both individuals place one hand on their knees
  5. After that, extend your left hand before you and grab your partner’s right thigh
  6. Use gentle pressure to hold your backs against each other, and then use your legs to bend further
  7. Try another side, chatting about what feels right for both of you

3. Double Tree Pose

In addition to stretching more deeply, one of the benefits of yoga poses for two people is that you can support each other while doing balance poses. One example could be the Double Tree Pose.

Double Tree Pose

Sit alongside your partner, keeping your feet approximately one foot apart and your hips overlapping. 

Set the inner leg securely on the ground while slowly raising the leg outside by bending the knee and putting the foot on the calf side or the lower thigh (avoiding getting the knee). 

Utilizing your arms, or place your arms in front of one another, with the upper arm raised up or above the hipbone. You can keep one arm in a prayer posture or raise both arms. Enjoy the safety of having your partner right next to you.

4. Chair Pose

Reverse your position together with your feet about hip-width apart. 

Then, slowly step away from your feet and lean your partner back to assist. Interlacing your arms to grant stability is possible if you feel at ease. The next step requires communication to ensure that you are on sync with one another. 

Yoga Chair Pose

Slowly lower your body into a chair posture. You may have to adjust your feet to ensure you can fit the chair posture. Continue to push against each other’s backs for stability. Keep this posture for a few seconds before slowly climbing up again as you walk in.

It is possible to repeat the pose several times. Try to see how long you can hold this posture for an interesting little challenge. 

If you want to know the benefits of yoga for your healthy lifestyle, check out our blog.

5. Partner Chair Pose

This is the perfect yoga poses for two people if you’re trying to raise your muscles in your two-person yoga poses!

Partner Chair Pose

  1. Begin by standing back-to-back, then connect your arms with your partners.
  2. Begin by leaning into each other’s backs and slowly walk out for a few steps.
  3. Unisonally — you’ll need to talk to one another — slowly do a squat. It is possible to move your feet to keep them moving.
  4. After you’ve found that perfect place  you can hold it for as long as you’re at ease. You both can take deep breaths and feel the slight expansion of the back of one another’s rib cages.
  5. It would help to control your movements to get out of the position. As you do this, begin slowly straightening your legs, and then walk your feet back.

6. Seated Twist

This yoga pose for two people is among the most accessible poses couples could attempt and is, therefore, perfect for those new to yoga. It helps improve the spine’s mobility and relieves stress in your back. Here’s how to perform it:

Seated Twist Yoga Pose

  • Begin by sitting back-to-back with your partner and keep your legs crossed.
  • Inhale, stretch your spine. Then, as you exhale, turn towards one side.
  • Your partner should be bent towards the reverse.
  • Try reaching around your partner’s knee.
  • Please put your hands on your partner’s knees to support them and improve your stretch.
  • After that, please return to the center, then twist them both in the opposite direction.

7. Double Dancer

Dancer is one of the yoga pose for two people that improves when you partner with someone else since you can support the balance of each other. Double dancing opens the spine and heart.

Double Dancer Yoga Pose

  1. Begin by putting your partner on the opposite side of a yoga mat.
  2. Lift your left arm towards the sky while your partner follows suit, and then extend your arms towards one another, grasping the other’s shoulder and bringing your arms.
  3. Place your weight on the leg on your left.
  4. Hold the arch inside your right foot if you are bending to your left knee.
  5. Slowly move your right foot upwards and backward while leaning forward, stepping into a dancer posture, and standing with your partner to help each other.
  6. Talk to your instructor and adjust according to your needs, securing for 30 seconds or longer and allowing the spine to open into a wider arch while moving the back glute upwards.
  7. Release by lowering your back leg and then unbinding your arms.

8. Supported Wheel

This calming yet powerful yoga pose for two people opens the heart. 

Back-to-back, stand with your partner, and join arms. Begin to bend forward while the hips are pushed back. Your partner will join you, fully releasing onto your back until their feet are lifted.

Supported Wheel Yoga Pose

If you feel at ease, release your arms and move in a circular motion. Your partner’s breathing will be entirely throughout the entire front as they let their body melt into yours. Switch.

9. Wide-Legged Forward Bend

To perform this yoga pose for two people, return to a sitting position. The two of you face each other and spread your legs out. Maintain your knees as well as feet facing upwards toward the ceiling. Your partner’s feet may be able to rest on your ankles or the reverse. Keep hands in place.

Wide-Legged Forward Bend

As you practice the breath, start to rock back and forth. If one partner can fold forwards, another partner leans back. 

Begin slowly and carefully. Keep your body in your forward fold for a few breaths before slowly letting it go back. You may notice that you lower more profoundly into the fold every time.

10. Double Plank Pose

The plank yoga pose for two people by itself is excellent for your core. However, when partners join you, the extra need for balance makes it more difficult. 

One person will begin in a normal plank. Once they are ready, the other person will grab their partner’s anklespartner’s ankles. One at each time, they’ll set their feet on their partner’s shoulders. 

Double Plank Pose Yoga

They should avoid getting their feet in the way of the spine. Both partners should be able to engage their cores and look towards the ceiling or slightly forward. Do the plank exercise for 30 seconds to a minute, and you’ll begin to feel it in your shoulders and abdominals.

11. Cobra Pose + Chair

Lay on your stomach and keep your legs in a row. Your partner will be in front of you, straggling your legs. Then, raise your chest, head, and eyes to the sky.

Cobra Yoga  Pose

Your partner will hold your arms (as the palms remain out), and you’ll sink into the chair position. With their body weight, they’ll lift your body off the floor and into a backbend assisted by your partner. Make sure to breathe. 

12. Reverse Warrior Ii With Partner

Increase the length of your side body and make some heart-shaped body art using your arms. Reverse warriors are excellent for connecting to your yoga companion.

Reverse Warrior Ii With Partner

  1. Start in Warrior 2 with knees bent away from one another and hips aligned to the forward.
  2. The side blades of your partner’s back are pressing against the partner, grounding and ensuring that your foot arch isn’t collapsing into the ground.
  3. The backhand rests on the thigh.
  4. Inhale deeply and raise the front arm upwards.
  5. Take a deep breath and exhale to the reverse warrior position inhalation, feeling a tight stretch in your back as you move your back hand along your thigh.
  6. You and your partner’s hands extend towards each other, attempting to connect fingers, join fingers, or move into the hands together in a praying position.
  7. Exhale from your Warriors 2 position and repeat the exercise on the opposite side.

13. Partner Boat Pose 

This yoga pose for two people is technically pleasing. However, it’s relatively easy to master. It’s possible to be “looking like a pro when you do this pose, yet technically, it’s not too difficult.” 

Partner Boat  Yoga Pose 

The boat partner can benefit from strengthening the core muscles and stretching the hamstrings. Here’s how to perform it:

  • Face each other.
  • Knees bend and place the soles of your feet.
  • Reach out and clasp your fingers with the hands of your companion. Keep your feet in contact.
  • As you hold hands, push your feet towards each other and extend your back while lifting your legs above the floor.
  • Engage your core muscles and push each other against the wall to feel the stretch.
  • Make sure you can get to your feet at least as soon as you can.

14. Double Savasana

It’s an excellent yoga pose for two people for relaxation and helps reduce stress. Here’s how to perform it:

Double Savasana Yoga Pose

  • The two partners are lying on their backs, their legs slightly separated and their legs extending.
  • Let the arms rest in the middle of your body, with your palms facing upwards.
  • You can hold hands or lightly contact each other’s fingers if you’d like.
  • Close your eyes and ease tension from your body.
  • Relax your muscles, starting at the top of the head and working toward the toes.
  • Take deep breaths and practice until you feel relaxed.

15. Airplane Plank

Airplane plank is an excellent introduction to yoga and acro yoga. It is a challenging yoga pose for two people  and requires good balance from both sides. 

Airplane Plank Yoga pose

One person will lie on the floor with their legs straight and extended in the air. 

The other participant, referred to as the flyer, is standing with their legs facing each other. The base person will bend their knees and then place both feet upon the hips of the flyer’s flexors. 

The participants will grasp hands while you lean forward, and the base will lift and straighten their legs to lift the flyer in the air. The flyer must keep his entire body in an upright line. 

Final Words

Sometimes, you’ll be able to nail an uneasy position, and sometimes, you’ll be thrown to the ground. The key is balance at the end of the day.

Practicing yoga poses for two people has become a transformative experience in yoga. The poses you do with your partner could be as easy as putting your hands on each other or as complicated as Acro Yoga.

Consider local yoga classes if you need more clarification about the right partner. They’re typically designed for beginner yoga students and can be an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with partner yoga poses under an instructor. 


How Long Should A Yoga Pose Be Held For?

The duration of every pose could vary between 6 and 60 minutes. Studies suggest a minute hold is sufficient for building strength and flexibility, provided the exercise can be repeated five times weekly.

What Number Of Yoga Postures Can I Practice In A Single Day?

Every aasana has its significance, and it is recommended that you do at least 35 of them. You can choose the ones you feel comfortable with and practice them for at least 35 minutes daily. When your body becomes more flexible from regular yoga, you may boost the number of asanas.

How Many Times Do I Need To Repeat The Yoga Pose?

If you fail the first time, you can do that same yoga pose several times during the day or in a session. If you cannot perform a yoga posture perfectly in one attempt, you may repeat the pose and attempt to get it right.

Is Yoga Something That Can Be Done Every Day?

It’s safe to practice yoga every day. 

What Are The Five Significant Kinds Of Yoga?

Selecting the proper yoga routine for you can be daunting because there are many choices. Let us simplify the choices and introduce you to five popular styles of yoga: Vinyasa, Astanga, Hatha, Iyengar, and Hot Yoga.


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